Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Errors in the CBS Buchla Schematics?

A thread at says that there is a mistake in the 194 fixed filter bank, and there is a mistake in the 106 mixer schematic (wrong capacitor value, confirmed in earlier Buchla 106 schematic). I'm wondering if there are purposeful mistakes in some or each as a means of dissuading other manufacturers from cloning them up, as Moog are said to have done with the 921b schemos in the Service Manual (after all, ARP earlier stole The Filter.). The Moog transistor matching jig schematic has a glaring error therein:

Bill and Will's Synth Moog Transistor Matching Tester Construction

Just something to be aware of if you're looking into building anything listed in this format, over at Magnus' page:

Magnus' Buchla Page