Sunday, September 18, 2011

EVOS Modular Synth

Sadly, never released. The phone number on the modules is likely not correct anymore. This post for historic purposes only, my apologies to Dennis if this is troubling in any way.

I have no problem with you passing on what I discussed with you. I will be

making some sort of announcement (sometime in early 2008) about the web site and when the updated Evos Modular will be available."....

The previous email:
Every few months, or so, I do some internet browsing, just to see what sort of things are going on in the synth world - especially concerning modular stuff. While doing so, I happened upon your post on the MATRIXSYNTH site (via AH).
It's always pleasing to me to know that people are still interested in my modular and also, that they seem to understand and appreciate what I was trying to accomplish.
While I have no objections to the documentation being disseminated, I often have mixed feelings about this. Firstly, (and most importantly) because the system has gone through a number of refinements over the past few years and secondly, republishing them only perpetuates the grammatical and typographical errors which appeared in the originals. To rectify this situation, I am (slowly) compiling data on the latest version which will appear in an upcoming web site dedicated to my modular system. Eventually, I plan to include some historical information tracking the development of the various versions of the system through time.
...I have been making plans to release the new version of the modular early next year. It will be, initially, limited to a set of what I consider to be the most essential modules, with gradual additions over time.
I genuinely want to see the modular in the hands of people who might put it to good use...
Take care.


EVOS Cabinet
High-resolution scans: