Friday, September 16, 2016

RIP Don Buchla.

I met Don Buchla at length when he was pitching and arranging the Buchla Lumina Marimba deal with Nearfield Electronics. We chatted for a few minutes at one point; I won't share everything he said but he mentioned playing the piano as a young man and that his family were against it, that he actually snuck out of his house to play piano on some radio show, I believe at night; it's vague now in my memory. I believe he said he used a different name on-air to get away with it. Yes, I got to see him smile. A truly brilliant man, a genius in music electronics combining his unique aesthetic for human interface and the circuitry itself. I cannot begin to describe the depth of impact his vision has upon me and always will. My heart to him and to his family. Sleep in Light.