Monday, February 1, 2010

The 1.22V standard for audio signal voltage

I don't know current, ohms, and all of that stuff so I may likely fall flat on my face in attempting to express this, which is okay as I seek answers, and the questions may lead to them. Of course, correct me where I'm wrong, but do so in a manner allowing me to learn.

I have heard recently that the consumer-level 1.228 VRMS standard (CD player outputs, and most importantly, Technosaurus, Moog, and Buchla oscillator signal outputs, close and in general) is from the days of tubes.

That's good enough for me (so long as your filters and VCAs and Oscillator FM inputs are sensitive enough for this signal level to produce massive depths of modulation- The Moog does not; the VCA expects 5V from the envelope, so tremelo is a problem; the Buchla oscillators and filters DO have FM inputs optimized for this audio signal level, providing extreme goodness in this department. The Buchla VCAs only accept DC signals, as the control and audio paths in that machine are separate, which is not a problem. It provides for another way of looking at things and thus, doing things.)!