Sunday, February 7, 2010

Remaster, or Remix?

Some vinyl has made the jump to CD in different form, disappointingly. No mention is made of any alteration from the original. The most evident examples in my collection, are:

-Yello, "You've got to say Yes to another Excess".
-Robert Fripp, "Exposure".
-Skinny Puppy, "Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse".
-Klaus Schulze, "Drive Inn" and "X".

Yello lose the viny version of "I Love You" and include a different version with a gong. Feh. The Fripp is a complete remix, not for the better. Puppy trade the vinyl version of "Dig It" for the 12" vinyl version- Inferior! The Schulze have since been repaired in the new reissues, so avoid any earlier versions, the ones without the booklets. Congratulations to Klaus and his team that the originals have been so well-represented in the new issues! Big grin for "X" fans!

Note that the vinyl version of "Dig It" is seemingly only available on Alternative Press' "Industrial Strength Machine Music".

Note that the KMFDM remix of "Godlike" found therein is also seemingly not on any other media, and is wonderfully bass-heavy. Bliss!

But back to remasters...

I note that everyone from Synergy through Ultravox, Kraftwerk, Dead Can Dance and others have reissued older material with remastering. I haven't heard any of the above, but am very curious about the differences from the original material. I have several of the Yello reissues and they have nice booklets, and rare singles included, which is wonderful as some are very hard to find. (The original John Foxx issues of "Metamatic" on CD, although in two slightly different versions, contain many related singles, which is also, quite wonderful, and extremely welcome. Now to create a single CDR of both versions, containing all of the rare singles!).

By the way, if you have the technology available, play Ultravox's title track "Rage in Eden"...backwards. Check the chorus.