Monday, February 22, 2010

On the Moog Taurus 1 and the 904a

Spied on, notes taken from Cary Robert's, regarding the Taurus 1, the legendary Moog which sounds killer and not quite like other Moogs:

-the AC coupling between the VCF and VCA was designed so that the RC product would increase the bass at a corner frequency of 20hz. There is a bass boost built into the Taurus pedals!

-The other element of the bigness of Taurus I pedals is that the filter is driven pretty hard.

Noting that Jurgen Haible has already written about getting a very nice tone out of the 904a by overdriving it. Cary stated that the Taurus 1 uses the 904a design, so it makes sense to run some gain after your 904a (using a 902? Aren't those 2X gain?) and ripping it up.