Thursday, February 25, 2010

4558 IC in a 2004 CD player...

The Sony CDP-CE375 has a nice character- a bit compressed, lacking a tad of midbass, and the treble is pressed and "audiophile" in a sense. It's not as strong at 10K or so as other players I've auditioned, making it easier to turn way up without strain. The tweeters in my current speakers have bumps at 15KHz and again above 20KHz, so the 375 is not a good match, as it becomes difficult over time.

However...I note that the unit was manufactured in 2004, and it has a 4558 at the audio outputs.



I'll suppose that the circuit preceding it would be perhaps very bright with a modern opamp. Unless I changed my speakers, I wouldn't want to drop in a 2604 or other fast ICs...